About Us

We at Ethical Energy are firmly committed to promote Technology driven Growth in Natural Gas, Power and Carbon Market by identifying and leveraging emerging trends in the world market to achieve Sustainable Development.

Though “Sustainable Development” is the buzz word for most of the politicians, bureaucrats and business leaders, we believe, that most of these people do not have full understanding of the needs (in terms of policies and actions) to achieve such development. As a part of our commitment to help promote “Sustainable Development”, we have decided to provide our services with a clear focus on identifying specific opportunities and helping in development of such opportunities to achieve this objective.

We have now evolved a unique, quantified index to assess ‘Carbon Risk’ of any company and this innovative, proprietory index is called “Ethical Energy Index (EEI)”. The index is estimated for some of the listed companies in India, based on data provided in their Annual Reports and, we believe, that this is the most unambiguous, objectively quantified index to provide assessment of ‘Carbon Risk’ of any company. We expect this to be a very useful tool for all analysts who are interested in taking informed calls on their investment decisions.

We think that in the current scenario, Natural Gas is the fuel of choice, due to rising concerns about Climate Change and Global Warming. Hence our major practice has been in areas related to gas business. We have recently started new practices in areas of ‘Energy & Carbon Management’ and emerging area of renewable energy (e.g. solar, geo thermal, free pressure drop energy etc.)

We are a group of experienced technocrats and professionals having an in depth knowledge of energy and petrochemicals sectors and their inter linkages. The experts in the group have worked as top management of different companies in these sectors. We have been instrumental in developing Gas based economy in Gujarat.

We have vast experience in providing services to government organizations as well as corporate in business areas such as Power, Oil and Gas, Coal Bed Methane, LNG Value Chain, CNG/LCNG, Coal Gasification, Gas Transportation and Distribution, Hydrogen Economy, Petrochemical and Refining, renewable energy etc.. With our background we understand energy usage and are able to quickly identify optimization potential. We leverage this understanding about energy to offer our clients value propositions in terms of ‘Energy and Carbon Management Service’.

We strive to conceptualize innovative schemes which maximize the value proposition for our clients, and as a part of our I2I philosophy we remain actively involved in the project during its life-cycle.