I2I Philosophy

Idea - 2 - Implementation

Conventional solutions to a problem will lead to conventional results only. Hence it is our constant endeavor to utilize ideas / technologies / strategies / best practices across industries to deliver unique solutions to the customer. The innovative nature of these solutions, make them fall, more often than not, into first-of-its-kind category.

In order to support our clients adopt such innovative solutions, we try to work with the clients, as part of their own team, from the stage of conception to final implementation. This is what we call our “I2I (idea to implementation) philosophy”. As per our operating philosophy to establish proof of concept, we undertake the implementation & operation of the project on BOO / BOOT basis as a value add service to the customer. This reduces the customer’s risk exposure to the minimum, as the customer gets the advantage of the solution and financial implication is limited to the use only.

Based on customer’s unique requirements, the solution may be structured to offer a turnkey proposal, BOO contract or BOOT arrangements.To view some of the unique “Energy Solutions” offered by us on this philosophy click on the link.