Working Scope

We continuously keep track of various global developments in technical, commercial, regulatory, environmental and social aspect of energy sector. We integrate this with our deep understanding of the latest technological options available in energy sector, to identify/formulate innovative business opportunities that unlock immense value for our clients, and lead to their long-term sustainable development.

Type of activities we undertake to help our clients are, typically, as follows:

  • Technology evaluation and forecasting
  • Evolving various business models for new projects or for modifying existing projects, based on strategic need analysis, by integrating various technology/process modules and developing material and energy balances for such models
  • Financial modeling to understand economic viability as well as business valuation
  • Preparation of various types of commercial agreements
  • Audit energy consumption pattern and evaluate energy intensity of operations
  • Emission analysis of various projects and possible alternatives
  • Preparation of feasibility and project reports
  • Development of business plan
  • Support in debt and equity raising by interacting with lenders and investors
  • Strategic advisory based on analysis of trends in technology, markets and regulations
  • Project planning, development and monitoring activities
  • Review of various Laws, Regulations and Policies and their implications
  • Policy advocacy and drafting