Carbon Management

This service is free for emission analysis subscribers. For all others it is a onetime service.

This service is being offered to all our emission analysis service subscribers as well as for those customers who want to make one time analysis of carbon risk of their company and may not be interested in our annual subscription service.

Customer interested in availing such service can register by clicking on following link:

Register for online service

Onetime user need to provide basic details as per our datasheet and they will, also, need to upload soft copies of audited annual reports, alongwith consumption summary datasheet, for us to carry out the analysis.

Once you submit your registration form, you will receive an email from us giving details of our offer for this service and your user id and password. Further, when you click on the link sent in such mail, you would be directed for making an online payment. As soon as your payment is received in this manner, the energy analysis service would be available and you would be able to use the services by using your login id and password.

This would be the only service offered and you will not be able to avail any other online service available to our annual subscription based clients.