Carbon risk assessment reports

ETHICAL ENERGY INDEX (EEI) and ‘Carbon risk’ assessment reports:

We have now evolved a unique, quantified index to assess ‘Carbon Risk’ of any company and this innovative, proprietary index is called “Ethical Energy Index (EEI)”. The index is estimated for some of the listed companies in India, based on data provided in their Annual Reports and, we believe, that this is the most unambiguous, objectively quantified index to provide assessment of ‘Carbon Risk’ of any company. We expect this to be a very useful tool for all analysts who are interested in taking informed calls on their investment decisions. To view summary of number of companies monitored and their combined emissions in last reported year, click on following link.

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Based on the same methodology, we can generate EEI and ‘Carbon risk assessment’ for any company if they submit their energy consumption data in our format.

In order to give an idea about the contents of our ‘carbon risk assessment’ report, you may view a typical report by clicking on following link.

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