Emission analysis service

The emission analysis service is available as an annual subscription based service and if you avail this service then you can view/download all the reports, for various companies and countries, any number of times during the subscription period.

We are offering carbon risk assessment reports of some of the major listed companies on Indian stock exchanges.

These reports analyse various aspects of energy consumption reported and estimate the emissions from use of such energy.

Using these energy consumption, emissions and financial performance parameters of these companies we estimate a unique, objectively quantified index viz. Ethical Energy Index(EEI) for such companies (on a scale of 0-100) to indicate the carbon risk of the company.

A summary of the number of companies monitored, their overall energy consumption and emissions can be seen by clicking on following link:

Summary of companies analysed

A list of companies for which such reports are available can be viewed by clicking on the following link:

List of companies for which EEI and carbon risk reports are available  

To get an idea about the contents of each of the report you may click on following link to view a typical report:

Typical carbon risk assessment report 

Apart from these company specific reports, we also have analysis of countrywise consumption of energy, emissions from energy and emission intensities of GDP of such countries.

List of countries for which such analysis is available by clicking on following link:

List of countries for which emission analysis report available 

Typical contents of report on emission monitoring of various countries can be viewed by clicking on following link:

Typical emission monitoring report for a country

In case you do not wish to subscribe for annual subscription, but want to have reports of some specific companies only, then you can go to onetime purchase option by clicking on following link:

Purchase of specific companies/countries report

If you wish to avail annual subscription service, then you need to register with us by clicking on following link:

Register for online service 

Once you submit your registration form, you will receive an email from us giving details of our offer for this service alongwith a link to our website for making an online payment. While making the online payment you will need to mention our offer number and accept the terms and conditions mentioned in the offer. As soon as your payment is received in this manner, the emission analysis service would be available to you. We would send your login id and password by email on receipt of payment. You can start availing the service by using this login id and password.

We can, also, offer specific realtime emission monitoring service for your operations. If you want to avail such service you can register your interest by going to ‘Contact us’ form and submitting your interest. We will get back to you to discuss the details of such a service.