Energy analysis service

Energy analysis service is available based on annual subscription.

Companies interested in identifying energy saving opportunities, generally, opt for energy audit of their facilities.

We now offer a better solution wherein we monitor your energy consumption over a longer period and based on such monitoring, we identify potential schemes for energy saving in your operations. This, we believe, is a more reliable analysis compared to onetime energy audit. Further, by offering this service online, we can help you reduce your costs for such studies and at the same time improve the reliability of analysis as it is based on longterm analysis of operating data.

The online service module offered is generalized to find broad opportunities with reasonable estimates of saving potential.
Some of the solutions that could be offered to save energy in your operations are explained in the energy solutions link.

Subscriber of the service will provide basic details of their facilities (as per datasheet - click to see the format).Further, you would be required to feed in major operating parameters related to energy consumption at regular intervals (as per the energy monitoring datasheet). In case of subscribers who have centralized control system and if they want to upload operating data as excel file, instead of data entry by operator, then such data uploading is also possible in our system.

As a part of this service, we will carry out half yearly analysis of the energy consumption data and submit reports for each half yearly analysis. The report will clearly identify the areas where there is energy saving opportunity. The analysis, in turn, will also suggest schemes which can be considered for energy saving with budgetary cost estimates and economic analysis. This service will, also, help you in actually monitoring the energy savings achieved if some of the energy saving schemes are implemented.

Further, subscribers of this service can, also, avail our services for analyzing specific energy solution mentioned on this website.

If you are interested in availing such service, you can register by clicking on following link:

Register for online service

Once you submit your registration form, you will receive an email from us giving details of our offer for this service and your user id and password. Further, when you click on the link sent in such mail, you would be directed for making an online payment. As soon as your payment is received in this manner, the energy analysis service would be available and you would be able to use the services by using your login id and password. You will have to start by filling the required details about your unit and its energy consumption as per our datasheets.

We can, also, offer specific realtime energy monitoring and management service with an objective to achieve ISO50001 and/or specific compliance requirements like PAT scheme in India. If you are interested in availing such services, please register your interest by going to ‘Contact us’ icon on our website. We will get in touch with you to work out a detailed energy management plan through our online service.