Our annual subscription service will be provided for 365 days from the day of the payment received on payment gateway. Other specific services would be available only for limited period of 1-10 days depending upon the nature of service. User would be required to download his requested reports in this period if he has opted for specific services.

We would be continuously updating our database and accordingly reports would be getting updated. If you are an annual subscriber, then these updates are automatically available to you without any additional payment. However, if you are a specific service subscriber, then the report, as updated upto the date of your payment, would be available for download. Any subsequent updates would not be available automatically.

Once a subscriber has made payment for annual subscription, they will not be able cancel it during the period of subscription. We have made sufficient disclosures on our website about content and nature of our service, hence we expect subscribers to satisfy themselves about the services and then only subscribe to our services. You may also see our ‘Cancellation Policy’.

We would be maintaining necessary confidentiality of the data provided by the Subscriber for availing our services. Our ‘Terms and conditions’ of services are described in detail in the corresponding link on our website.

No. If your company is not listed or is not obliged to disclose energy consumption details in the Directors’ Report, then your company data would not be shared with any other user. You may share it with other stakeholders if you so wish. The Carbon risk reports made available to subscribers of our services are only related to the listed companies where required energy consumption related data are disclosed in their annual reports.(i.e. where information on energy consumption is available in public domain).

Our services are charged based on number of users. We will be issuing as many userids as the number of users you have subscribed for. With one user id only one user can access our system at a given point of time i.e. multiple users with same id will not be allowed to log in to our system simultaneously.