Introducing unique and innovative concept of ‘Ethical Energy Index’
as a measure of ‘Carbon risk’ of any business.
We believe that ‘CARBON PROFLIGACY’ will be as risky, if not more, as ‘fiscal profligacy’
of any Government for longterm sustainability of economic growth.
Hence to create awareness about this risk, we have devised a unique proprietary index
which is unambiguous, objectively quantifiable and consistent with financial reporting.
We at Ethical Energy are firmly committed to promote Technology driven Growth in Natural Gas, Power and Carbon Market by identifying and leveraging emerging trends in the world market to achieve Sustainable Development.
Carbon risk assessment
We offer carbon risk assessment reports for some of companies listed in India. 345 cos. with total emissions of about 300 million T CO2(eq) analysed. We can also help you assess your company’s carbon risk.
World emission monitor
We offer energy consumption and energy related emissions analysis reports of more than 60 countries in the world. We also will regularly update average CO2 concentration in world environment as reported.
Carbon management
If you would like to assess carbon risk of your company or monitor your emissions, for reporting as per global standards, continuously, we can offer such services.
Energy management
We offer online energy monitoring services which is far better than one time energy audits. If you have any regulatory requirement of energy efficiency improvement (e.g.PAT scheme) we can offer online energy management solutions tailored for you.
Energy solutions offered
We are in a position to offer various solutions to help you reduce your energy and emission intensity of operations. To understand solutions offered and in some cases to even get quick estimates of saving potential we have briefly described solutions offered by us.
News letter service
As a part of our commitment to create awareness about need for ‘Sustainable Development’ we will publish a quarterly newsletter highlighting some of the important developments related to emissions, energy prices, new technologies etc.
Our Esteemed