Our services are broadly categorized in following areas:

Offline services:

  1. Consulting and strategic advisory
  2. I2I projects implementation (see energy solutions)
  3. Policy advocacy and advisory

We accept specific assignments of clients as well as undertake proactive steps to publish some of our thoughts by way of papers in some magazines/publications and putting them on our website for general public information. Some of such publications are available in library section of our website.

Online webbased services:

We have now started a new webbased service to increase our reach to clients and make such services efficient in terms of time and cost. You may click on following links to know more about each of these services:

  1. Emission analysis service
  2. Energy analysis service
  3. Purchase carbon risk assessment report of specific companies and/or countries
  4. Assess carbon risk of your company
  5. News letter service

Terms and conditions of our services:

To know various terms and conditions under which our services are offered can be seen by clicking on this link: Terms and conditions of services